Thursday, April 05, 2007


Finally I get to show these-they are photo mount cards for the Easter Bunny at the mall:
And here is a rejected sketch (but I thought riding an egg-cart was super cool?!):
This is best time to look for chicken goods at the stores. A good friend got me a few goodies from soon! In the meanwhile, Happy Easter!


Oiyi said...

The cards are cute! Too bad they didn't go for the egg car. I think it's cool!

Emila Yusof said...

Adorable!! Love you work, chickengirl

ValGalArt said...

these are so darn cute! I really love the eggmobile!

"Maggie" said...

It is very cool, sometimes just when you think a director or client will love it, they want something else!

Theresa S. said...

So fun!!! I really love the last one, even if the client didn't go for it. You should definitely make time to illustrate it as well. What I wouldn't give to take a ride in an egg-mobile. Haha! Well, the other two are great too. Splendid colors and critters. Terrific work as always.

Well I wish you a (belated) Happy Easter too. I'm sure it was lovely. :)


Ken Chandler said...

So that car goes from 0-20 in .34 seconds, right. Only problem is that it max's out at 30 mph. Theses are cute! Happy Easter Chickengirl.