Tuesday, September 30, 2008

How Children's book Illustrators party

Its been an out-of-the-ordinary week last week. My rep, MB Artists, (formerly known as HK Portfolio), throws a great party every other year in which the illustrators in the group get to meet up and also get some face to face time with our clients. Throw in some pineapple mojitos and we've got ourselves a party!
Here is the invite for the party at Spice Market. The space was gorgeous, and if I was a good blogger I would of brought my camera with me. (Oops!) All the illustrators in the group contributed a black and white line art for the invite. Guess which one is mine? (see below)
A nice surprise was the party favors- a cotton tote bag with all our art on it! Many of us illustrators used it the next day to carry our portfolios in when we went on our appointments.
There were too many kind illustrators, art directors, designers, editors and awesome people that I met in the past few days to mention them all here. Being an illustrator is such a lonely profession sometimes, and getting some face to face time with my peers is priceless. Thank you for your warm smiles and kind words.

A blogger shout-out to two fellow MB artists with blogs whom I met the past week: Valeria Cis and Macky Pamintuan. I regularly follow their blogs and its great to finally meet! (their portfolios are amazing...check it out!) I think a few other MB artists blog as well, I will have to go check those out.

Thats it for now. Thank you, Mela, for throwing the best party in town!


Lisa M Griffin said...

Sounds like this was a great time, and I love that bag. Nice way to combine the variety of art that the company represents.
Thanks for sharing.

Gina Perry said...

How cool - and what a great thing to mingle with clients (and fellow illustrators) in person. The invitations look great and I LOVE the bag!

ChatRabbit said...

How cool is that!!
Are you also going to the Highlights party? I hope!

Alicia Padrón said...

This is very cool Jannie! I imagine it must be wonderful to get together with fellow artists and meet art directors too. The invitation and bag are adorable. I love your cute chicken hee.. hee.. too much! :o)

Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

That must have been such fun! How cool and great is that! I hope that you had a fabu time! The tote is such a cool idea. Your chicken illustration is of course is very tasty!!! Delicious even. Excuse me. he he. I totally agree with about Purl Soho. I have no excuses to go anymore. I'm going to make some wonderful dolls with all the fabric and yarn that I've purchased so I can rush out and of course by more. I love Purl Soho. It's a weakness. Thank so much for taking the time to come by my blog. You will never really know how much I really truly appreciate it. I know how busy we all are. Thanks so very much for your kind words. They really make my day!!!

sketched out said...

That bag is delicious! What a cool thing, partying with the peers.

Hey, I wanted to tell you, I got your book and it is Soooooooooooo wonderful! I love it so much...Tom told me I should marry it, if I love it so much. Well, anyway, it's terrific. Congrats!

macky said...

hey jannie - it was a pleasure to see you & george (did i get his name right?). i wish we had 1 laid back day to just get to know every artists (i missed a few).
it was all helter skelter & a lot of fun. lets do this again.
im actually typing this in NY (just got back from a side trip to canada). AND I HAVE PIX of the party. ha! i'll make sure to post them.

Gis said...

Jannie! I got your card from Caro! She was so happy :D I have to ask her to show me her image in the map, i didn't see it!!
She was so excited about the whole trip xD and told me how nice you are when I saw her yesterday xD
The whole thing really sounds like it was an amazing week, meeting so much people and all xD She says she walked all over NYC hihihi :D
Well Jannie lots of hugs to you!!

Chickengirl said...

Macky-it was good to see you too. I know what you mean, I did wish there were a bit more time. Alot of stuff packed into a few days.

Who's george? heheh, its ok. Yusuf was my arm candy. lol.

I'll have to see your pics soon!

macky said...

how the heck did i get "george"? and here i thought that was the one name i got right all night.
oops. still, my congrats to you both.
i'll stick to "math boy" then:)