Sunday, August 23, 2009

Quick Paintings using iphone's Brushes App

The latest fun I've been having is playing around with the Brushes App for the iphone. It is a simple app with basic tools that took the fear out of digital painting for me. A nice break from vector art.

This kitty is one of the first pieces I was finally happy with after playing around with the app for a bit. I'm too embarrassed to show anything before this one!Too bad his little kitty back leg was cropped though!

Then I sort of got the hang of it and did this piece:

Highly recommended app for those who wants to learn digital painting without the pressure. Plus, if its good enough for the New Yorker cover, its good enough for me!

**In moving news**-I'm officially in Ann Arbor, MI! I'm currently without any furniture at the moment; just exploring the town, and getting settled. I can't wait to decorate my new studio space!

More soon and thanks for stopping by!


shawn said...

WOW! I am really loving this. Welcome to your new home! Seems like such a huge contrast from your life in NYC. But then again... this new artwork off your iphone is a pretty huge contrast from your illustrator work and LoO0O0Ook! Not a whole lotta different at all! See what I mean? Your new life in this new state just might not be so different afterall. I am wishing you a wonderful new adventure!

queen of rudeness said...

simply but nice :)
i wait for more
exploring new media is great pleasure and fun , isn't?

Diana Evans said...

glad to hear you are getting all settled in your new home town!!! and these quick paintings are wonderful!! wowwwww!!!

Have a wonderful day and thanks for my new Re-ment


Zari said...

I'm so glad you are getting settled in your new home...hope you get use to this new place and enjoy it a lot!

btw, these iphone illos are so cute! nice work!

Eugenia Gina said...

It's sure good! :D I can see your natural stroke in it..

Ken Chandler said...

Who'd have thought that a phone could be such a creative outlet? Love your work Jannie! Both are adorable. Thanks for sharing your new work. Too cute!

Roberta Baird said...

congrats on your move and your new home!

Who knew... art created on a phone....too cool!

Spadazzle said...

that video was too cool!

Erica said...

It's official: I think I may die of iPhone envy. Wonderful illos!

Eric Barclay said...

If you like Brushes, you would really love painting in Photoshop. I'm really liking the textures and strokes on these. Your style still shines through as well. Congrats on your move.

Tracy said...

These are adorable, Jannie! Thanks for sharing :) And I'm glad you got moved safely...hope to see some pics posted here soon!

Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

Now you said you did this on your eye phone??? Is there a stylist that goes with it or something?? You have got me so curious right now. I would like to know more cause I might have to give up my black berry for an iphone. Simply amazing!!! Well at least you are all moved YAYYYYYY!!! That's great. The drawing are so darn cute I can't stop thinking about them hee hee. I hope that you and hubby will be settled very soon.
Take care,

justdoodleit said...

Nice of you to stop by my blog! Really sweet stuff here :)

yoon see said...

Wow! A quite paint brushes can be so appealing ^^
Thanks for sharing Chickengirl, I love the results.
You always have so much surprises for us.

Love the fun expression of your characters, they open up my mind of fun children art:)
Thanks again friend:)

Kathy Weller said...

WOw, you did those in Brushes?? Those are GREAT. I find it difficult, myself. Maybe I'm not giving it enough time. Oh well! Great work!!

Judy Rozema said...

WOW! That is really cool that there is an App for that! (I don't have an iPhone, but I guess there is an app for everything! You are so talented! I hope that you will grow to love your new home. It's always fun to decorate a new place!

Anonymous said...