Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Inspiration from Tokyo- Part 3

One of the reasons why I love Japan is that there are illustrations everywhere. I mean, EVERYWHERE. It is not afraid of cute. It is a country where grown men have cute charms on their cell phones and its not a big deal.

Some fun graphics from the streets:
Even on drinks:
These toy packaging caught my eye- I love the design and illustrations on these:

and last but not least...
This is the ryokan (Japanese style inn) we stayed at in Tokyo (in Ueno.) I can not rave more about this place. We didn't want to stay in a generic western style hotel in the middle of a touristy area..so if you are a bit more adventurous, I highly recommend staying at Sawanoya Ryokan. It is family run and foreigner friendly...and possibly on the quaintest little street ever. We slept on futons and took baths in the gorgeous onsen (Japanese style bath) over looking a garden. It was inexpensive and Sawa-san and his family are great hosts.

And a few more links- through Ismoyo's blog and reading about her adventures in Tokyo a few months before mine, I found a very helpful Tokyo shopping guide link over at Asking for Trouble. The zine and guide was very helpful and I'll be using it again on my next trip back.

Thats all my posts related to my Tokyo trip. Now I'm plotting when I can go back...


yoon see said...

Thanks for all three parts sharing.

I really enjoyed every beats of it.

Thanks Jannie
Good night from Malaysia and Good Morning to "YOU".

Will catch up with you again!

yoon see said...

Now, i know, it's 10.54 in the morning over at your place!

Happy Day and enjoy your work:)

marceline said...

Glad my zines were helpful! I'v loved reading your posts and really really can't wait to go to Design Festa this Autumn now I've seen what you bought there!

Jannie aka Chickengirl said...

Marceline, I got obsessed over Qoo drinks after I read your zine :-) Super helpful guide, thank you. Design festa is awesome..go go go!

lil kim said...

that woody puddy packaging looks so much like your style! I can see why you loved it! Looks like such a great trip!!

Goomie said...

Thanks for all these posts! Will check out the links for sure! The donut sign -- so cute!

spadazzle said...

that place looks so cute:) not a bad price either! Wow! I might just have to go for a few nights alone:)