Monday, May 02, 2011

Kid's Drawings using my How-to Books!


I think one of the most satisfying things about being a children's book illustrator is seeing kids interact with my books. I've been mentoring some fine young artists for the Ann Arbor Kid's Art Fair thats coming up in July. So I thought it was fitting that I gave them a copy of my You Can Draw Monsters and Scary Things and You can Draw Zoo Animals.

I was happy to see the step by step instructions worked! Just check out these drawings. Lookin' good!

Its been an interesting and also a challenging experience mentoring kids. I don't normally interact with kids on a regular basis in my normal day-to-day illustrator life, even though I do "kids' stuff" all day long. But kids' art are the BEST and I've got a talented bunch. Its an awesome dose of inspiration!


Diandra Mae said...

And now these kids' fantastic art is "famous!" Wonderful, Jannie. Mentoring kids in art is something I hope to do in the future. (I'm sure you've had all kinds of challenges pop up.) In the meantime I have two little ones at home I can work with and who remind me just how great art is. :D

crystal driedger said...

wow, this book is life changing... you're right, there's nothing better than seeing kids make art because of your directions.