Friday, September 09, 2011

Making of: A Picture Book Cover

My latest picture book, Road Work Ahead, is coming out in less than a week (September 15th)! So I thought I would talk a little bit more about my process here. With the cover, I wanted to show as much cool vehicles as I can, which is the stars of the book. I actually only came up with 2 versions of the cover for the publisher to look at and was pleased they picked the one that they did. 

Version 1

Version 2

Color final
I was pretty determined to use those orange work stripes as part of the design of the cover. I'm hoping with the title bar being right in the middle will be eye catching and attention grabbing.

A fun note with the back cover- woohoo, I sneaked in a chicken on there! You'll have to check out the book to see why that makes sense!

For all things Road Work Ahead related, check out the Facebook Fan Page and we'll be having a blog tour!


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very beautiful! as always))

Alex said...

very nice :)

Tamara Henderson said...

Really great sketches I like both layouts

Little Jackrabbits said...

I LOVE it! So much fun. The final outcome is perfect, I would have picked that one too. Great job!

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I liked it more in black/white variant!

Dimitry said...

Great work! Very interesting to look at the process of creation.