Wednesday, March 29, 2006


Thanks everyone for looking for Mo! I left some cookies for him just in case he comes home. But now there are only 297 cookies left as the reward.


noah's dad said...

Hi ChickenGirl! Thanks for stopping in at my place. I can't believe I've not seen your stuff either... I love it! Really fresh, fun style.

Christine Walker said...

I found him!! I found him!! He's here:

Poor little feller,he should get all the cookies. He must be hungry by now.

Chickengirl said...

And the cookies go to Christine! Yay!

Christine Walker said...

I lost my parrot once, so I know how hard it can be when your monster leaves and you can't find them. I'm glad Mo is back.

Chad said...

Wow, great lookin' work! Funny too!

Got your site feed saved...I can't wait for more!