Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Meet Up

Its Christmas in October! I got a chance to finally meet someone in person from the blogging world! Fellow Illustration for kids member Susan Mitchell (aka Sweet Pea) was in NYC and we got a chance to meet. Since we already "know" each other, it was very easy and a wonderful time. She gave me all these wonderful goodies, a print and bookmarks (be sure to check out her etsy shop) and her latest book, Comet can't wait for Christmas (and with stickers!):
Thank you so much, Susan! It was so nice to meet you. I had a lovely time!


Oiyi said...

Oh, her work is quite lovely! I am eyeing her piggy print for the baby's room.

mushroommeadows said... totally fun! I do really like her work; it's awesome.

melissa @ the inspired room said...

First visit to your blog, it is adorable! And I had just bought a print from Susan Mitchell, which I adore!

I feel so in the know by seeing her featured here. :-)

Your blog header cracks me up. What could be better than art with chicken goodness?

PS. I myself am interior design, but my family owns a publishing company and we have a done some children's books. It is fun to see great illustrators out in the blogging world! Congrats on all your work!