Tuesday, April 12, 2011

MoCCA Artfest Wrap Up

This weekend was the MoCCA Art Fest and it was so much fun, thank you for those of you who dropped by our table to come see me. I shared a table with two talented artists friends, Becky Munich and Doreen M. Marts- they made excellent table mates! We got a light blue table cloth which we thought really stood out with a ladies touch to it. Ha.
My goods!

I got to see so many old friends, colleagues, and artists whom I've gotten to known through the internet-in which I finally got to meet in person and they are all so sweet- Kelly Light, Renee Kurilla, and Casey Girard. Had some fun folks right across the aisle like Dave Roman and Ryan Sias. And many more friendly faces. Hello!

And this is why I thought about participating in MoCCA in the first place. I got my comic story, If You Lived Here, printed through Ka-Blam. Things were a little stressful as the books were shipped last minute to the hotel. I didn't get to see these until the morning of the show. But Ka-Blam came through and everything worked out. Whew! It was exciting to see that people browsing through it and I even sold some copies.

Lastly, I made this display sign for my evil robot and super cat buttons. A scoreboard to keep track of the battle. In the beginning, Super Cat was doing well but unfortunately Evil Robot took over. Final score in the end, 20 to 26. Evil Robot wins, for now!

It was truly a wonderful time and the MoCCA crowd is a supportive and friendly group, which gave me all the energy I needed to do more art. Until next year!


sassypackrat said...

Yay for evil robots!

Casey G. said...

woot and I got my evil robot pinned to my vest!

It was great to meet you and we love our copy of If You Lived Here. My husband is now a fan too.

Glad everything worked out so well for you. Congrats!

jkraus8464 said...

Oh I love your blog. The chickengirl name drew me in. It is so cute and you are so talented. I am a writer, not at all an illustrator but I love your work.

Bturtle said...

Super Cat was robbed!!!