Monday, November 26, 2007


I finally got a pro account over at Flickr and got some free Moo mini cards along with it! (Terrible photo though, struggling with my camera at the moment.)

Some link back love: mentioned this blog as one of 12 well designed blogspot blogs. Whoh, thank you!
-Over at, I was listed as one of the sketchblogs that people might enjoy. Thanks! (P.S.- be sure to check out this post that Dani wrote about drawing children, something I still struggle with)

And did you know, there is a Mr. Chicken (Monsieur Poulet) in the blog world? And he's an artist too!


Oiyi said...

Your moo cards are too cute!

nina seven said...

so funny about Mr. Chicken! Love your Moo cards and thanks for your nice comment on my zoo entry!

Monsieur Poulet said...

yeah…thanx for your link (and for your comment)…i'll update yours on my blog soon :o)

see ya…

Mr Poulet

Bearuh said...

Hi Chicken girl! I left you a message on your page on Monday Artday ATC. :D

What are the benefits of being a flickr member? The Moo cards look awesome!!!

Majeak Ann said...

he-he that's a very lovely, funny sweet happy holiday card you have created, love it so much!! and the moo cards, yes they are great!

pve design said...

very nice! I designed the header for blogger all the best 2007 - take a look at my site-
what is your medium, gouache?
or is it done on the computer?

Chickengirl said...

Thanks all!
Bearuh- I just became addicted to flickr with the photo sharing, its a like a second blog. Ran out of space with the free account so it was time to upgrade!

Thanks pve design- I use the computer. Alhtough back in the day, gouache use to be my medium.

Forrest Illustrations said...

That was great on Dani site about how to draw kids. Was very interesting.