Monday, September 21, 2009

Sketches at The Apple and The Egg

Some of my random doodles and sketches are featured over at The Apple & The Egg! Thanks to Nikalas Catlow for the invitation. Funny how I just mentioned this children's book illlustration and design blog in a recent post...really love all visual goodness going on over there (and not just because I'm in it now.)
I've really taken to using Molskines now as sketch books ever since I received one as a gift. I think I'm on my third or fourth one now.

To see more sketches, go here. Happy Monday!


Danielle McDonald said...

Just saw your feature! Fabulous stuff. I love seeing how everyone works, and sketches are always so free and expressive. I love the moving card you came up with. I loved the monster too, so am curious to see how you might tweak it!

Danielle McDonald said...
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Anja said...

It´s very nice to have a look inside your sketch book. Good idea.

Diana Evans said...

oh awesome Jannie!!! I love seeing some random sketches!!! these are so cute!!!