Thursday, March 18, 2010

Handmade @ Blue House

When I moved to Ann Arbor 6 months ago, I was looking for an artist/crafty community I can join and be part of. I discovered MICE, which stands for Michigan Indie Crafters of Etsy, and from there I was able to meet alot of wonderful crafty people in the area.

And now, there is a creative space opening up, called Blue House Ann Arbor, which sits right across the street from The Big House (and for those of you who don't know, its the University of Michigan stadium.) It is a crafty place where there are workshops and events, work from local artists, and they are celebrating their opening this weekend with a show, Saturday March 20th, from 11-5pm.

I will be there at the show with some of my art prints and goodies. I can't wait to see the space, and please come by if you are in the area.


Angela Matteson said...

How cool! With my move I also sought out local artists, and found some great groups to connect with. The midwest is home to some awesome creatives! (I just became a CAW girl! -'Creative Arts of Women')

It's true--seek and ye shall find! :)

Kathy Weller said...

That's really great, Jannie. I am so glad you are finding 'your peeps' in Ann Arbor! Way to go. Good luck with the show and Conratulations!!

Samantha said...

I loved seeing your great designs today for the first time... So Glad that you were at Blue House!! Fun Fun.. I was there with my kids and we talked a small bit about the Pirate Treasure Hunt that I do :) I'd love to chat with you more about it some time.. I think we could do some fun stuff!!!

iSew said...

That sounds really fun, I wish I did live in the area!