Monday, October 01, 2007

Highlights for Children Illustrators' Party part 1

Its been a while since I've posted anything, but I have a good excuse since I just came back from the Highlights for Children Illustrators' party. Every year the generous folks over at Highlights throw a huge party for their illustrators in Honesdale, Pa, for an entire weekend, filled with food, music, seminars, and even square dancing. This year was my second year attending, I saw alot of familar faces and met new people. Everyone was super friendly, I was very comfortable, even for an introvert like me, so thank you.

They have a theme every year and this year was "The Happy H Ranch." A few pics from the party:

Outside their main office building in Honesdale, Pa.

The first issue of Higlights for Children, June 1946

The first issue of High Five (why, that looks like my blogger friend Roz's art!) Woohoo!

At the firehouse. The band for square dancing!

More pics soon. We had a wonderful time!


roz said...

Thank you so much for taking a picture of that. What a surprise, I had no idea.
Is it okay for me to post the picture on my blog and link to your post?

Can't wait to see more pictures of all the fun you had!

Jannie aka Chickengirl said...

Roz, of course you can post the pic on your blog!! I thought of you right away when I saw the issue framed and immediately took a pic of it. :-)

Absolutely Small said...

Wow- I had no idea that the folks from Highlights liked to get down with their illustraors. And I didn't know you were one of the illustrators! I used to subscribe to that magainze when I was little.

Oiyi said...

Wow, that looks awesome!

Debbie Meyer said...

Gosh, I'm jealous! That hoedown looked fun. :) I met Tim Gillner last spring when we had him over for an illustrator's retreat in Ft. Worth. Such a nice guy. So, now one of my goals is to work with Highlights so they'll invite me to their next shindig!! Thanks for the inspiration.

ChatRabbit said...

Hi Jannie! I was at the party did I not meet you?? Check out my blog, too:

Anonymous said...

Oh I wanted to go so much!! My kiddies are too small right now, but maybe next year!? What a faboo time you had!!

a : )

Paloma C said...

Hi Jannie--It was great meeting you and Yusef at the party! We had such a great time. I like your pics:-)

princesstomato said...

THIS looks like a blast! Thanks so much for sharing bits of it with us!