Thursday, August 28, 2008

My Latest Picture Book!

How long did it I wait to post this!? Let me introduce to you my latest picture book, The Haunted Ghoul Bus, written by Lisa Trumbauer, illustrated by me. I got my advance copy a few weeks ago and was so excited about it, or was it "omg omg omg omg omg!?!!!"

I also got an opportunity to design the book, so I felt in total control. Having an art director and an editor who completely believes in me makes me want to give 110%. Its hardcover with embossed pages, with a beautiful, high quality printing. I'm super pleased.

A favorite detail in the book, my vampires drinking from "blood juice" boxes:
It will be in bookstores in October, and on pre-order on Amazon right now. I'll be posting more about this book till its release!

Oh and goodness, thank you for ALL the comments about my "routine" entry! I think I have a name that I like for the Pink Bear. I promise you'll be seeing more of him (yes, its a him) soon!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Illustration Friday-Routine

Its been so long since I've made a fresh piece for IF. Here is a new little character of mine, Pink Bear. I would like to give him a name. I know he is pink and maybe he is really a she. But I feel like he is a boy bear. Any ideas?

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Out of the Comfort Zone

About two weeks ago, I was asked to submit a sample for a possible children's Bible storybook assignment. At first, I must admit, I wasn't quite sure about it, since I was not brought up religiously and this was something outside my comfort zone.

The publisher had a specific scene in mind for the sample and gave alot of reference. Here is the piece I did:
To my surprise, I was very comfortable! I had alot of fun doing this and learned something in the process. (It was pretty neat to see how my interpretation of Jesus would turn out.) Too bad though, I did not get the assignment. But now I'm ready for the next Bible storybook assignment when it comes my way.

So the moral of the story is, try something out of your comfort zone. You might surprise yourself.

More Goodies!

I know its been over two weeks since I've posted anything! Lots to post about, but I'm trying to stay off the computer and enjoy the summer while I can.

Well, I've got more goodies in the mail! These cute chicken card holders are from fellow illustrator Kristin Sorra. I first met Kristin at the Highlights illustrators' party last year. She is super talented and I'm so happy to have met her and her hushand, who is also an artist. They are so nice and super cool. Thank you for letting me adopt them. I'll take good care of them :-)

Math Boy thought they looked like chicken bumper cars?!? So funny!