Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Chicken Collection , part 1 of many

Yes, I have a sickness, maybe its the chicken flu? I finally got around to taking some pictures of my chicken collection. This is only a small part of it, unfortunately. Haha! Many are given to me by friends and family.

There are many more chicken things. More soon. In the meanwhile, did you know a Chicken Boy exists!? Check out his collection!


Pickledog said...

If it a sickness I hope there isn't a cure. Chickens Feva'!

I don't know if you already have one but..
I have awarded you a Thinking Blogger Award because I think your blog and illustrations are super fine. You can grab the graphic for the award from my blog.

Anonymous said...

nice blog-
I took the quiz below
I am cookie monster!

Your illustrations are really
terrific- very colorful work

jek-a-go-go said...

e always wantedcluckers but could never justify buying it...i love me a chicken though! great collection!

HennyP said...

Chicken Girl, you totally rock! I also collect chickens and was looking around on the web to see what I could find.. Great Clucker Collection!

Bill said...

I absolutely love our site.