Friday, May 09, 2008

21 Day Challenge- Day 8 of 21

I was hoping I could at least try to make it 5 days in a row with this challenge! Oh well. My excuse: I had a deadline yesterday. I must admit though, its getting tough for me.

This past weekend I saw a documentary called "Hollywood Chinese," about Chinese and Chinese Americans portrayed in hollywood movies. So here is a little illo inspired by "The World of Suzie Wong" movies.

Another interesting thing related to this: I was told by a fellow (non-Asian) artist that my art didn't look "Asian." Hmmm? What is that suppose to mean? I was thrown a bit off guard, I didn't know how to answer. Was there an "Asian style" I was suppose to have? Perhaps I haven't done enough Asian-related subjects? Was I suppose to be inspired to write a children's book on the Asian American experience? It really opened a can of worms for me personally.

In the meanwhile, I'll draw some chickens. BTW, the chickens will be Asian.


Alicia Padrón said...

ha, ha, ha... what does that mean? I don't get it either.

I must be asian then, because I just posted one image of my coming book, take a look if you like

p.s. Yes, I would love to see some asian chickens!! Hee, hee :o)

carli said...

nice illo. i missed you yesterday. i have been getting used to seeing a new character each day

nina seven said...

love that...asian chickens! maybe they could be dining on sushi.

Paola Zakimi said...

lovely girl! thanks for your comment! i always take a look at your work, so
great!, adoro tu estilo.

macky said...

i remember a british artist telling me that my work was very american. he was not the first to say this either. which was weird because i'm not even from the americas - north central or south. oh well.
good luck with the challenge.

RyanLoghry said...

I really like the hair on this character, very different. I'm always struggling to create new hair styles for the women characters I draw. I don't think I'd try this one you've done though. What's it called, the lumphead? 8 )

pati @-;-- said...

She's gorgeous, Jannie :) I can't wait to see more :D

sheree said...

oh asian chickens --- can't wait to see that! heehee

love the bridezilla - LOL - you should do their opening credits with that illo! :)

Tracy said...

What the heck does that mean that it's not "Asian enough?" You draw a lot of animal characters...are they supposed to look like anime or something??? I think your work is perfect!!!! Don't change a Asian chicken would be funny, though, eating some raw fish!