Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Sketchbook Project 2011 Pages 60-63

This week's Sketchbook Project 2011 pages.  To read this story from the beginning, please visit my flickr set.

(please click to enlarge and read)

 *please come back every TUESDAY for a new post for this project!*
 I can't believe I'm up to 60 pages! Two more Tuesdays to go before I turn this book in :-)


Debbie Meyer said...

You're making me proud to be from Michigan, Jannie! I always remember folks to be grumpy. I think you might go into serious culture shock if you moved to Texas where everyone says "Can I help ya?" (and they really mean it!)

Julissa said...

Great pages Jannie! And free dryer sheets! What a cool dude!